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We Produce High Quality Products For Your Home Care Needs

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City Coin Chem Sdn Bhd, a homecare cleaning products manufacturer that founded in August 2015 by our founders: Paul Ang, Sandra Chua, Kelly Chen and Carmen Chooi. City Coin Chem is one of the subsidiary under City Coin Group. In line with the brand ‘LOVAS’.

Initially, the founders started this company with the passion of producing and providing good quality detergents for LaundryBar® to create values to owners and customers. These detergents (Laundry Detergent + Fabric Softener + Fabric Sanitizer) are dispersing FREE from in-house Dispenser. As such, City Coin Chem is now the sole-supplier for LaundryBar® Concept Stores – the No 1 Self-Service Laundry Chain in Malaysia.

Group Of Companies

City Coin Chem Sdn Bhd is working closely with our group of companies in order to meet market demand. Our group of companies are involved in different aspect of solution, such as laundry equipment, homecare cleaning products, laundry business solutions, and etc.

Our Outstanding Awards

“Asia Honesty Awards. A greatest recognition for SME company.”

Asia Honesty Awards

News, Event & Exhibition

We participate in different exhibition & event to bring more exposure to the company. We believe this is able to sustain our business and increase growth rate in long term.

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